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Online conference: Nijenhuis geometry and applications 2021


02.-03.08.2021 (The conference starts at 13:00 of the 02.08 and ends at 17:00 of the 03.08)

Concept of the conference

Nijenhuis geometry studies Nijenhuis operators, that is, (1,1)-tensors with vanishing Nijenhuis torsion. Vanishing of the Nijenhuis torsion is the simplest differential condition on (1,1) tensors and pops up in many unrelated situations in differential geometry, algebra and mathematical physics. The goal of the conference is to connect mathematicians working in Nijenhuis geometry with those who encounter Nijenhuis operators in their research areas.


  • A. Arsie (University of Toledo)
  • A. Bolsinov (Loughborough University)
  • D. Burde (University of  Vienna)
  • M. Casati (Ningbo University)
  • A. Konyaev (Moscow State University)
  • A. Odesski (Brock University)
  • M. Pavlov ( Lebedev Institute, Moscow)
  • A. Panasyuk (University of Warmia and Mazury)
  • I. Strachan (University of Glasgow)

Preliminary schedule

You can find the preliminary schedule here.

Extended  schedule with abstracts

You can find the extended schedule here.


In order to register (and to obtain the zoom link/password closer to the conference) please send an email to: nijenhuis.geometry@uni-jena.de


Vladimir Matveev

Scientific Committee

Alexey Bolsinov and Andrey Konyaev